Name: Bishop Masaki
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Crime lord
Base of operations: As of 1953, Honolulu, Hawaii
First appearance: HAWAIIAN DICK #2
Created by: B. Clay Moore & Steven Griffin

Bio: Very little is known of Bishop Masaki’s life beyond his later years as a drug lord/criminal kingpin in Hawaii, aside from his being of Japanese descent (if not a Japanese citizen). Masaki controlled one of the largest criminal empires in the Pacific when, in 1953, he crossed paths with Byrd, newly arrived from the United States. Byrd was hired by two of Masaki’s henchmen to find Leila Rose, Masaki’s mistress (and sister of Kahami). The two had kidnapped Leila Rose, and thrown her in the trunk of a car, which was then stolen from them by joyriders.

Masaki’s anger at the disappearance (and subsequent accidental death) of Leila Rose led him to a dockside confrontation with Byrd, which apparently resulted in Masaki’s death.

After his death, former mafia consigliere Anthony Antonio (AKA “The Thinker”) attempted to take over some of Masaki’s abandoned holdings.

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