Name: The Proud American
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Late twenties
Era of activity: World War II
Group Affiliation: Watchguard
Occupation: Government sanctioned costumed adventurer
Abilities: Chemically enhanced strength, xenophobia
First appearance: BATTLE HYMN #1
Created by: B. Clay Moore & Jeremy Haun

Bio (SPOILERS): Very little is known of the Proud American prior to his involvement with the wartime group Watchguard. The American was something of a symbol of American virtue, and, unlike most of his contemporaries, held an idealistic belief in American values. His strength had been augmented by the government, and he spent time in the European theater posing for photo ops and attempting to lift the morale of American troops.

The Proud American ultimately became the public figurehead for Watchguard, a group of super-powered individuals assembled by the U.S. government for observational and propaganda purposes. After appearing with the group in their initial public appearances, he was replaced as field leader by the Defender of Liberty. The American returned to the group to help track down a rogue member (the Artificial Man), and was evidently killed while battling over the Atlantic Ocean, swept up in the nuclear blast unleashed by the government in an effort to stop the Artificial Man.

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