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T with the Heat – Labor Day 2014

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Name: The Proud American Real Name: Unknown Age: Late twenties Era of activity: World War II Group Affiliation: Watchguard Occupation: Government sanctioned costumed adventurer Abilities: Chemically enhanced strength, xenophobia First appearance: BATTLE HYMN #1 Created by: B. Clay Moore & Jeremy Haun Bio (SPOILERS): Very little is … Continue reading

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Name: Bishop Masaki Age: Unknown Occupation: Crime lord Base of operations: As of 1953, Honolulu, Hawaii First appearance: HAWAIIAN DICK #2 Created by: B. Clay Moore & Steven Griffin Bio: Very little is known of Bishop Masaki’s life beyond his later years as a drug … Continue reading

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Name: Marcus King Age: Mid-thirties (circa 1976) Occupation: Street fighter/community activist Base of Operations: New York City First appearance: ’76 #1 Created by: B. Clay Moore & Ed Tadem Bio: Marcus King was a sixties-era street fighter who partnered with martial artist Jackie Karma and judo … Continue reading

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Name: Curtis Lacy Age: Early thirties Occupation: Professor at Bainbridge University/monster hunter First appearance: DOUBLE ACTION HORROR #1 (digital release) Created by: B. Clay Moore & Ryan Browne Bio: Dr. Curtis Lacy is the world’s leading research scientist on, for lack of a better term, … Continue reading

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Name: Jack Dexter Age: Early thirties (circa 1964) Occupation: Government employee First appearance: THE WALKING DEAD #15 (preview of THE EXPATRIATE #1) Created by: B. Clay Moore & Jason Latour Bio (spoilers): Jack Dexter was a mid-level government employee who soon … Continue reading

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Name: The Mid-Nite Hour Full Name: Daniel Durham Nationality: British Age: Mid-twenties (circa World War II) Base of operations: Scotland and Europe (post World War II) Group Affiliations: Watchguard (World War II), The Mid-Nite Hours (post war) First appearance: LOVE IN TIGHTS #3 Created by: B. Clay … Continue reading

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